At Whitehead Motors we understand that the Credit Climate has change in America. A lot of people that historically have had good credit were affect by a bad economy which resulted in layoffs and people getting behind on their bills. If this sounds like you and you have responsible buying habits and are now getting back on your feet, let Whitehead Motors put you in a dependable vehicle that you will be proud to drive.

Our No Credit Check approval process is simple, approval is based on your Income

  1. Provide 1 Utility bill for proof of residency
  2. If applicable please provide current bank statement
  3. Provide 2 Check stubs for proof of income
  4. Give us 5 references
  5. Bring in your drivers license or passport

We finance your vehicle so you can have a hassle free payment plan at the dealership. 48 months or less payment plans and choose to pay Bi-weekly or monthly.

At Whitehead Motors, we offer good cars for good people.

Start the approval process today!

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